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July 21 2017

I am become Nietzsche’s Übermensch. And I am very proud of my achievement. Maybe now I can put the book down. Maybe now I can put solitude behind me.


From the Genealogy of Morals

“But some time, in a stronger age than this mouldy, self-doubting present day, he will have to come to us, the redeeming man of great love and contempt, the creative spirit who is pushed out of any position ‘outside’ or ‘beyond’ by his surging strength again and again, whose solitude will be misunderstood by the people as though it were flight from reality –: whereas it is just his way of being absorbed, buried and immersed in reality so that from it, when he emerges into the light again, he can return with the redemption of this reality: redeem it from the curse which its ideal has placed on it up till now. This man of the future will redeem us, not just from the ideal held up till now, but also from those things which had to arise from it, from the great nausea, the will to nothingness, from nihilism, that stroke of midday and of great decision that makes the will free again, which gives earth its purpose and man his hope again, this Antichrist and anti-nihilist, this conqueror of God and of nothingness – he must come one day

“– But what am I saying? Enough! Enough! At this point just one thing is proper, silence: otherwise I shall be misappropriating something that belongs to another, younger man, one ‘with more future’, one stronger than me – something to which Zarathustra alone is entitled, Zarathustra the Godless …”

June 9 2017

Look to the right. Those are the last few sentences of Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

I acted that out today. It took me forty-five years to get here. But I made it. I ran the gauntlet. I survived the journey. 


‘Very well! The lion has come, my children are near, Zarathustra has become ripe, my hour has come!

‘This is my morning, my day begins: rise up now, rise up, great noontide!


May 17 2017

It is one thing to render a dithyramb; it is quite another to embody it and act it out. 

It has been some time already since I rendered the last dithyramb, which is called The Sign. And I even acted it out sometime last year. But I had not adopted it as a value. Yesterday, I did.

It is possible to act out dithyrambs at a shallow level. But that is insufficient. It is necessary to reach deeply into your Self and to act out the dithyramb from that perspective. Only then does the teaching of the dithyramb become a part of you, transform you. That’s what I did yesterday with this dithyramb, the last one.

And with that, I now put behind me that terrible, thoroughly insidious malaise that is called Human, All Too Human.

‘O you Higher Men, it was of your distress that old prophet prophesized to me yesterday morning,

‘he tried to seduce me and tempt me to your distress: O Zarathustra, he said to me, I have come to seduce you to your ultimate sin.

‘To my ultimate sin?’ cried Zarathustra and laughed angrily at his own words. ‘What has been reserved for me as my ultimate sin?’

And once more Zarathustra became absorbed in himself: and sat himself again on the great stone and meditated. Suddenly, he leaped up – 

Pity! Pity for the Higher Man!‘ he cried out, and his countenance was transformed into brass. ‘Very well! That – has had its time!

Mar 30 2017

Nearly forty-five years ago, in July of 1972, I was standing at the corner of Main and Grove in Melrose, and I was looking west, when I made a promise to myself and to life. Today, I achieved that promise. Now I ask you, what does it say about a man that he can struggle through his entire life to fulfill a single promise, to say nothing of the promise or the difficulty in fulfilling it, but only in remembering the promise and making it happen?

Feb 26 2017

When philosophy is applied and made clinical, it becomes psychiatry. And I know more about psychiatry than Freud ever even imagined. Remember, Freud aspired to Nietzsche’s ideas and never achieved them. I achieved them.

Feb 11 2017

Physician, heal thyself!

That — I have done.

Feb 10 2017

The triumph of the human spirit over the most insuperable extremes: that is what I am becoming. My heart now begins a different kind of suffering, that which comes from above. My heart now aches with a blissful tenderness.

Jan 29 2017

I have been at this book, living this dithyrambic drama, for forty-five years. Though it has been a wondrous adventure, I am tired of all the riddles. Nothing is said outright; everything must be rendered. Notwithstanding my fatigue, I have finally reached the gateway to supra-individuation. I had already visited this gateway many times, which always required me to tunnel through time, or, as Zarathustra says it, to “fly into the future.” But always, I “fell back to earth.”

Then I grew very long legs, making the distance between the highest peaks very short indeed. Now, I do not fall back to earth. Now I am at my greatest hour. Interestingly, this gateway appears simultaneously with the deepest plumbing of the subconscious, not via a tunneling through time, but rather through baby steps that took nearly five decades to learn and do. I go in and out of my subconscious at will now. And always, I see unbearable horror inside. Invariably, horror says to me “Fade. Go.” But Wish compels me to return, that one day I might move beyond the horror. And Will enables me to do it. That is the sum of life: Wish, Will, and Woe. Major, life-changing events are about to occur.

Dec 28 2016

I have finally begun writing. And it is as if the floodgates have opened. I am delighted. I lived with writer’s block for a very, very long time. My writing comes from the gut, and the things I am trying to explain are both rare and complicated. And I’ve got to keep it as simple as possible, which makes the writing even harder. That’s why I had writer’s block for so long. What finally got me over it was my age. I’m an old man now, and I know I have only so much time left. The idea of leaving life without writing down everything I have learned bears down on me with enormous dread. If only I can get all this down on paper, I feel my life will have been successfully completed, and I can die content. That is my goal.

Nov 26 2016

There is a reason why Fritz said so little about the Eternal Recurrence idea, despite it being his most profoundly insightful and transformative idea. It comes from a mystical origin. Suddenly, in just one moment, it comes to you like a bolt of lightening. There is nothing frightening about it. I embraced it with overwhelming love. But you have no idea how suddenly you have come to know so much and so deeply about the world. The insight comes from mysticism. Mention the word “mysticism” to some philosophers and they will show extreme disdain. But that is one of the things that must be re-evaluated. Socrates was dead wrong about mysticism. And Nietzsche himself said to his followers, at the end of the Birth of Tragedy, it has fallen to your lot to lead the procession (of mysticism) out of India and back into Greece. Make no mistake: Nietzsche valued mysticism and brought it back into Western culture after a very, very long exile.

Up until the bolt of lightening hit me, I always thought of the Eternal Recurrence idea as an idea that all things which once happened recur endlessly in the subconscious. I was wrong. The idea speaks of the sameness of everything. As you begin to recover your very deepest and oldest sense of Self and bring it to the surface, not just memories arise but also the sense of Self you had a long time ago arises, I mean precisely the same sense of Self. Nothing is different. As you begin to recover your long lost Self, it comes to you as if it stepped away only yesterday, as if barely any no time at all had passed. It is exactly the same now as it was so long ago. And knowing that, that everything is the same now (with reclamation) as it was then (at the moment of demise), then, as you go forward to reclaim even more of your Self, the bits and pieces literally burst forth from your subconscious, like some kind of miracle. (Read what Nietzsche said about the Eternal Recurrence idea, believing it, but believing it truly, breaks everything wide open.) The idea of the Eternal Recurrence is very much a religious idea, and it is an idea that accelerates life. Knowledge that imparts familiarity at the moment of discovery moves much more quickly than knowledge of the unknown. I hope I have shared something of this miracle of thought with you. But I suspect you will have to ponder it a long while to better understand it.

Oct 27 2016

I am moving this website to Please note that someone else uses I AM A DOT ORG. After I make the move, you will be re-directed automatically. But please tell your colleagues, in case someone gets confused. Thank you.

Oct 15 2016

I have been away for a long time. In that time, I have plumbed the deepest, darkest, most horrific depths of my soul in order to raise it up from sublimated oblivion and redeem it. And I have done that. In doing so, I have created a place in my soul that Nietzsche once referenced as “six thousand feet above man and time.” Now I am there, as he once was. So now there exists within me this place high above man but also that which I once was, man itself. All that remains to be done is to totally eradicate that which I once was, man itself. And that is what the fourth part of ‘Zarathustra is all about. Hopefully, in six months, this lifelong journey will be completed. After that, all that will remain to be done then is to write down everything that only I know. And then my life will have been completed. I have but two goals, and they are crystal clear.

Jul 3 2016

As I have written previously, the idea/revelation/truth that all things in the world recur without ending came to me many months ago. But this truth was too frightening to behold. I was a very unwilling subject with regard to the ER idea. I just did not have the strength to incorporate it. But this idea came to me of its own accord, though I mounted the horse willingly in 1972 and willingly undertook the journey for more than four decades.

But then, this week, I crossed over the bridge; that’s the bridge that arises upon the springboard that inheres within suffering, providing a portal within sub-individuated unto supra-individuated, which you have always called heaven. Except that this is heaven on earth, the only heaven that has ever existed. I have crossed over the bridge many times now. The goal is to pass over the bridge and remain on the other side. But that takes a lot of work and a lot of time. But every time I crossover, there is something new to see. A few days ago, on June 28, I crossed over once again, and something extraordinary happened. I tend to think of it as something like a reversal of the earth’s polarity. The reason I say that is because everything gets turned on its head. Suddenly, suffering is no longer the bane of existence but rather its necessity. And with that, the idea that everything recurs without end became a huge asset. With this crossover, I needed to know that my suffering would never end — because it was the springboard I found in that suffering that brought me to this place I compare to heaven on earth. So I needed to know that my suffering would never end, so that I could use that suffering repeatedly to crossover and use it more deeply to crossover farther and even farther. With that, I was no longer frightened of the ER idea. With that, I embraced the ER idea. With that, all of my suffering sprung into existence. With that, any barrier between my will and my subconscious — crumbled!

Jun 23 2016

On Self, in the sense and the idea:

There is only one thing greater than an idea of Self. And that is a sense of Self. The two are quite distinct. An idea of Self derives from thought. And a sense of Self derives from feeling, which is what makes it superior. The two together constitute an apprehension of Self.  Look at the dithyramb entitled “Of the Spirit of Gravity. It teaches that this spirit hampers life, by which I mean the process of growth that manifests itself within human being as life, and that love of Self will overcome it. Until you achieve a sense of Self, you will never achieve the strong love of Self that defeats the Spirit of Gravity. But once you do achieve the sense, love of Self is very strong, very redemptive, very powerful. Love of Self, as constituted by the sense of Self, transforms life profoundly. Love of Self accelerates life.

Jun 6 2016

My supra-Self came to me as a shadow today. This is the ultimate sign that nihilism has been overcome and meaning has been restored to life, in me.

Creation – that is the great redemption from suffering, and life’s easement. But that the creator may exist, that itself requires suffering and much transformation. Yes, there must be much bitter dying in your life, you creators! Thus you are advocates and justifiers of all transitoriness. For the creator himself to be the child new-born he must also be willing to be the mother and endure the mother’s pain. Truly, I have gone my way through a hundred souls and through a hundred cradles and birth-pangs. I have taken many departures, I know the heart-breaking last hours. But my creative will, my destiny, wants it so. Or, to speak more honestly: my will wants precisely such a destiny. All feeling suffers in me and is in prison: but my willing always comes to me as my liberator and bringer of joy. Willing liberates: that is the true doctrine of will and freedom – thus Zarathustra teaches you. No more to will and no more to evaluate and no more to create! ah, that this great lassitude may ever stay far from me! In knowing and understanding, too, I feel only my will’s delight in begetting and becoming; and if there be innocence in my knowledge it is because will to begetting is in it. This will lured me away from God and gods; for what would there be to create if gods – existed! But again and again it drives me to mankind, my ardent, creative will; thus it drives the hammer to the stone. Ah, you men, I see an image sleeping in the stone, the image of my visions! Ah, that it must sleep in the hardest, ugliest stone! Now my hammer rages fiercely against its prison. Fragments fly from the stone: what is that to me? I will complete it: for a shadow came to me – the most silent, the lightest of all things once came to me! The beauty of the Superman came to me as a shadow. Ah, my brothers! What are the gods to me now!

— On the Blissful Islands

Apr 17 2016

I turned 64 yesterday. Shall I tell you about the best present I have ever received in my whole life? I was on my walk, and with every quarter mile or so, I took another step toward my supra-Self. Suddenly, the earth began to shake and the walls began to crumble, and then everything I have ever been came crashing down. And there in its wake arose a new supra-Self, far deeper and enlightened than any previous. And I rejoiced in this terrific destruction, and I reveled in the redemption this birth brought me. With the exception of Fritz, it has been more than two millennia since anyone experienced pleasure in tragedy as I did yesterday. In this grand moment, I exclaimed to myself “I am becoming a ferocious beast and a serene god, both at the same time.” All my theory about proto-tragedy was spot on. We Dionysians have reclaimed tragedy from the ancients! And that is a milestone for all mankind.

Mar 25 2016

There is no greater treasure than the possession of a proximate Self. Just ask the person wallowing in eternal oblivion, eternal hell.

Jan 9 2015

It is not good that must triumph over evil. It is beauty that must triumph over horror. That is the fight. That is the goal. But you must create that beauty. And you must create that beauty out of that horror.

Oct 25 2015

My writing is going surprisingly well. It is fluid and articulate. And this is not at all what I expected. I thought this book would take years and years. But I was wrong. Oftentimes, what we imagine in an outlook is very different from the actual experience that follows. I think I’ll be done by next summer, maybe sooner. I do not expect to go through a publisher as it has become obvious to me that I have been blacklisted and I wouldn’t be able to find a publisher. Some very wealthy businessmen (from here in Boston) are exerting extraordinary and far-reaching influence to prevent my success, as evidenced by what happened last month. So if you’re interested in purchasing my book, I would suggest you contact me with your name and address so I can notify you when it is ready. (All contact information will be kept strictly private and none of it will transmitted over the Internet.) Or just wait until it’s ready. I will be setting up a payment system through a third party, so all submissions will be private and not disclosed to me. But in all likelihood, distribution will be through this website. And I must warn you: my book will not be cheap. Please remember that Carl Jung’s “Notes” on ‘Zarathustra retails for nearly $300. I have spent an entire lifetime on this, and no one else was able even to figure out that the book was a dithyrambic drama. I figured that out forty-three years ago. In all the time since, I have been living out this drama, and I have made it to the end. I have learned everything. That which Nietzsche references as “Ubermensch” is something with which not a single person has even a clue, but it is something I live with in close proximity now. Everyday, nearly everything that happens to me is evaluated with reference to a criterion that either increases that proximity or decreases it. Life has become meaningful to me. I have completed the re-evaluation of all values. I would dare say I am no longer a Westerner as we have known it for two thousand years. I am a new Westerner, following the twilight of the idols, which I lived through, struggled through. My values are very different from everyone else’s values. I am a specimen of a very different breed. And as proof of that, I offer you this: there is, in fact, such a thing as resurrection, eternal life, paradise regained, and an ascension unto heaven. I have experienced each of them. But they exist in this lifetime, not in some after-world. And you must work to achieve them. They are not granted outright, afterward, based on some meritorious contribution to some battle between good and evil during your life. Not at all. Work, and you will see for yourself. And remember that I told you this. These places exist, but they exist within us and within a framework of becoming; they do not exist in another world, and they do not exist as a state of being into which we are granted passage. But they do exist, most assuredly. Lastly, I understand that many people built careers based on their work on Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Then I came along and stirred up everything, which will cause many people to be unhappy with my writing. I take no pleasure in any unhappiness I cause another human being, quite the contrary. I cannot bear to see even an animal disturbed and always look away from such a sight. But what is important? You or me? Or the success of Nietzsche’s work? We are witnessing the birth of a new culture, Dionysia, which is nothing less than a revolution in our very thought processes. This will not be easily achieved, but this is what we must achieve, all of us, together. The very future of the species depends on it. Redirect your devoted work in Nietzschean scholarship to this very firm and lasting foundation that I have erected, and you will earn accolades for which you will be remembered a very, very long time. Learn to admire this new foundation, not be jealous of it, and you will learn and achieve much.

Oct 12 2015

I have “crossed over the bridge” — permanently. I have achieved Nietzsche’s Ubermensch. That means I have completed the drama and lived through all of it, with one exception. There is one remaining passion I do not understand. I wrote about it in my exegesis of Zarathustra’s Prologue.
Thus men may now come up to me: for I am still waiting for the signs that it is time for my descent; as yet I do not myself go down, as I must, among men.
TSZ, The Honey Offering
In my exegesis, I wrote that this passion of “going down,” which is how the drama begins but only comes to the actor at the end of his long journey, represented an entirely different experience of tragedy than what the newly initiated actor experiences going up to supra-individuation. That is the only mystery remaining to me. I am certain it will come to me in the coming months. Having finished the drama and learned everything, the time has come to teach all that I have learned. I started my book two weeks ago. I do not know if it will be one big book, as I plan, or several smaller books, but at least the time has come to write it and at least I have begun to do so. However, there will be no more free handouts. I have spent a lifetime in poverty in order to do my work. I have no intention of spending old age in poverty. Also, if you would be willing to recommend my writing to a publisher, please contact me. Lastly, I just discovered that I had double-posted my essays as both pages and posts. The posts have been removed, but, of course, the essays remain as pages. Just follow the links of the right, under “Other Essays.”

Sept 27 2015

“To those human beings who are of any concern to me, I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-treatment, indignities — I wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self-contempt, the torture of self-mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished ….” FN, WP, Note #910 (emphasis mine)

Sept 18 2015

Friedrich Nietzsche was the first person to solve the mystery of how the ancients derived pleasure from tragedy. He was the first philosopher to identify the fundamental force of human nature that drives the process of life in human being, the first to delineate that process, and the first to find a way to teach it. And he was the first philosopher in all of history to unravel the meaning of life. And yet, despite all these numerous, unique, and stellar achievements, he was most proud of being the first to teach the idea that the world recurs eternally. What does that mean? What does that signify?

Aug 5 2015

With the birth of Dionysia, which is what we have as the legacy of the philosopher-legislator Nietzsche, we have life as a process of becoming, as it has been wholly and thoroughly laid out in TSZ. And life as a process of becoming is diametrically opposed to life as a state of being, which is the legacy of the great Socratics and is what we have had for two millennia. Life as a state of being could not account for human suffering. Thus, it failed. We are past this great, historic error and have now entered into a period of history that will come to be known as the twilight of the idols, a dangerous and unstable period of passage. But make no mistake: mysticism has returned to Greece, after a long exile in India, so do not be surprised if the lion lays down at your feet and caresses you. With the birth of Dionysia, man will become great again — and genius will become common. Incipit Zarathustra!

July 27 2015

Nietzsche’s Übermensch is a place within your heart and mind, in relation to the principium individuationis. It is not a superior type of human being. With so much having been misunderstood, I expect only a few will succeed in shedding their misconceptions.

July 13 2015

The problem of nihilism has never been more obvious as it is now. I have thought about nihilism extensively, for a very long time, but it has never before been this obvious, this exigent. To be this far along in the drama, to be so clear about the goal of life, to understand so much about everything — and to do nothing to move forward: that is the malaise that is nihilism. And the solution: amor fati! Read what Nietzsche said about love: it is amazing what one can achieve with this passion.

July 6 2015

On this day, I reached Nietzsche’s Übermensch. Forgive me if I am overflowing with pride in this unique achievement. Going forward, I will no longer have to reach up for power; now I can reach down, which is a fundamental change in the life process. Now to grow it: to give it more depth and more height.

May 15 2015

I spend my days exploring the darkest recesses of my mind, looking for gold.
“‘Gold and laughter, however, [I take] from the heart of the earth: for, that you may know it – the heart of the earth is of gold.’ ” (TSZ)
Yesterday, I found a vein that went very deep. And I followed it, which takes great courage and much more — plumbing the abyss and then emerging refreshed, unladened, laughing. I must note that “laughing, laughter, to laugh” is a metaphor for an uncommon passion, one with which only the actor — not just a reader — would be familiar, and only after having lived through most of the drama. This ride has been more than forty years in the making, and it has never been easy and frequently not hopeful. But now, this ride is about to become spectacular. I am elated.
“You look up when you desire to be exalted. And I look down, because I am exalted.” (TSZ)
And one more thing: this is no house of cards I have built.
“In the mountains the shortest route is from peak to peak, but for that you must have long legs. ” (TSZ)
As I just explained, my legs have grown very long.

Apr 28 2015

It’s been nearly five months since I posted news, and much has happened. I completed the integration of the subconscious into the conscious. To those who may come after me along the same way, I would offer this advice on that milestone: Remember that “the devil is a ventriloquist” (TSZ) so do not listen to his prophecies of what lies ahead. “Have faith in the thaumaturgy of your god” (BT) and trust that a miracle will save you just when you least expect it. And lastly, “prepare for a severe conflict” (BT) by establishing your best footing in the sand, without burying your head in it. You will think that you are not ready for this juncture, but, if you were not ready, you would never have reached it. You are ready, but you will have to summon un-chartered courage to traverse it. With this new achievement, I immediately crossed over the bridge (to supra-individuation) for the first time, but I did not remain on the other side. There will be a lot of going back and forth henceforth. That is the work of life: to “build a house for the Supra-man,” so that, one day, I will remain on the other side. The integration of the subconscious realm into the conscious realm was a very difficult ordeal. In the end, it amounts to raising deep and enduring suffering from an oblivious slumber into an extremely aware and exigent imbroglio of conscience and passion that must be dealt with daily and can no longer be swept under the rug. The weight of the world is now upon oneself. This is the spirit becoming like a camel, weighed down heavily. And I endured that for several months, unsure how to proceed. And then came the lion, just a few days ago, throwing off the yoke of heavy suffering, bringing freedom and relief. And that is what finally happened. Hereafter, I predict another period of rapid growth. There will be frequent crossings over the bridge and more time spent on the other side. Then, the Sign will come and, with it, a new dawn, a new hope, and a new desire. Blessed be the name of Friedrich Nietzsche — for generations to come.

Dec 12 2014

I have reached the brink of the vast and unfathomable chasm that separates the conscious and subconscious realms. Going forward, that chasm will become bridged — fully and irrevocably — and all hell will break loose. The dead will rise from their graves, never to return to sleep again, shreiking in horror with mouths agape and vomiting forth blackened streams of pain and disgust upon all who meet their eyes, forever and ever. (See Z, The Cry of Distress, said the Prophet [of doom] to Zarathustra at this juncture: ” ‘The waves around your mountain rise and rise, … waves of great distress and affliction: soon they will lift your boat too, and carry you away.'” (See N, BOT, RE Schopenhauer’s PI as a boat on a raging sea; also, the shattering of the veil of Maya) (See N: In life, “every step forward is an act of courage.”) Now I must bridge that chasm. And I am deeply, deeply, deeply frightened. Where do I find the courage with which to traverse this insuperable abyss? (See Of War and Warriors: “I see many soldiers: if only I could see many warriors.”) It is only now, at the hour of the greatest need, that the best comes out. (See N, “prepare yourself for a severe conflict … and have faith in the thaumaturgy of [newly reclaimed Western mysticism.”)

June 29 2014

Behold! I teach you that which lies beyond your highest Self, at thirty thousand feet above the principium individuationis. Behold! I teach you the supra-Self! (But not the super-Self, and not the superman.)

June 4 2014

This day was memorable. This was the day I solved the Prophet’s Riddle:
“Three blows were struck on the door like thunderbolts, the vault resounded and roared three times again: then I went to the door. “Alpa! I cried, who is bearing his ashes to the mountain? Alpa! Alpa! Who is bearing his ashes to the mountain? “And I turned the key and tugged at the door and exerted myself. But it did not open by so much as a finger’s breadth: “Then a raging wind tore the door asunder: whistling, shrilling and piercing it threw to me a black coffin: “And in the roaring and whistling and shrilling, the coffin burst asunder and vomited forth a thousand peals of laughter.”
Indeed, who? Who carries his ashes to the mountain? Who emerges from the subconscious bearing truth and pain? Upon solving this riddle, the very doors of Hades opened up, and the dead rose up from their graves and walked again amongst the living. And they told their secrets to the living! And then a strong wind came, with the roar of a lion’s voice. And with that wind, all the demonic gargoyles were transformed into angelic cherubs. And then there was peace on Earth.

Mar 23 2014

On this day, March 23 2014, I finished Thus Spoke Zarathustra, with a rendition of the last dithyramb, entitled The Sign. And I am brimming with pride — both for my achievement and for my elevation. It was forty-two years ago this summer that I vowed to learn everything this book had to teach. I remember where I was standing and even which direction I was looking when I made that vow. Having met it, I now make a new vow. In one year, roughly, after I have had time to grow and edify my elevation, I will then devote the remainder of my life to teach everything I have learned, with one very specific goal: to initiate at least one other actor into the drama, and therewith help to found a new culture, which will be called Dionysia.

Feb 22 2014

To feel emotion, to incorporate sensation into being, is a simple and natural process. But in sub-individuated man, it is lost entirely. And in its place, there is a profound antipathy towards the body and its discharges, with the singular exception that a particular emotion may supplement a petty willful disposition. To bridge this chasm, a Herculean effort is needed, one which may play out over decades. But one day, when success finally comes, the effects of this integration upon being are revolutionary. Sensation overwhelmingly adds a whole new dimension to being, to say nothing of the brilliant and detailed sparks of imagery that begin to erupt (both in a waking state but especially in a sleeping state). I was amazed to learn how much intelligence inheres in emotion. And once the process is restored, there is no going back. Henceforth, everything is inexorable. Now comes the hammer. The philosopher with the hammer. Amor fati!

Feb 21 2014

The entrance to supra-individuation can be found only within the subconscious realm and only in a specific corner of the subconscious. When you confront subliminal suffering, you must raise it from its oblivious slumber to an extent that it becomes as real and vibrant as the day it first entered into your world, so that it presents a truly impassable passage; your will must be truly and deeply blocked, with no way out. If you possess will in that moment, then you will ascend unto supra-individuation, and only then. But the moment must be truly insuperable, or you will see nothing.

Dec 28 2013

I have reached the Higher Man, which is individuated being in a whole (not dismembered) but suffering state. The Higher Man is the last obstacle before achieving supra-individuation.  

Dec 4 2013

“No one should claim to understand my Zarathustra who has not been equally hurt and delighted by it.” — FN

Dec 2 2013

The shepherd, however, bit as my cry had advised him; he bit with a good bite! He spat far away the snake’s head – and sprang up. No longer a shepherd, no longer a man – a transformed being, surrounded with light, laughing! Never yet on earth had any man laughed as he laughed!

Sept 23, 2013

I remember! I remember everything! J’accuse, vous bâtards.

Sept 19, 2013

There comes a time, in the course of life, near its end, when all the world becomes comprehensible. You would think the moment might be breathtaking. It’s not. In fact, the moment is anticlimactic. In the end, when Nature finally gives herself up and reveals everything, she speaks through simplicity.

Sept 13, 2013

And the Earth quaked violently. And all the majestic guardians of the underworld crumbled into the fissures. And then my soul laid bare to me in all its truth. And I embraced it. Nowhere could my demons hide now. And I embraced it! Everything is affirmed. I deny NOTHING! I repress nothing.

Sept 9, 2013

If I told you that you already knew what Nietzsche meant by “ubermensch,” you would not believe me, would you? If you were honest with yourself, you would say “I do not have a clue.” But in fact, you DO already know. It’s just that, a long time ago, we fell off the track and never found our way back. But now we are back on track. I promise you, when you ascend unto supra-individuated being, you will say “This is not strange to me. I understand this.”

Sept 1, 2013

I am dying now, by my own will. How hard is that? I know I will rise anew, but, still, I must die before that will happen. How hard do you think that is — to die, willfully? For the Ego to die? Do you understand? Have I explained the meaning and value of proto-tragedy to you? P.S. FREUD. MISSED. EVERYTHING. But I still give him a lot of credit, obviously.

Aug 18, 2013

Now I am becoming redeemed. And beauty is returning to me. The best thing about beauty is that she sings to me, and her songs comfort me — deeply. It has been fifty years since she spoke to me. The last time, I was a boy.
“He who becomes young late stays young forever.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

July 9, 2013

Today, for the first time ever, I saw the noontide. It was far off in the distance, but it was the first time I had ever seen it. Everything is now in perspective, as I now see my goal, know where I am going, and, most importantly, know how to get there.

July 6, 2013

I’ve gotten through “The Prophecy Period.” (See Of the Prophet.) To be so close and so far, both at the same time. It was true torment, a very, very difficult period.
“And I saw a great sadness come over mankind. The best grew weary of their works. “A teaching went forth, a belief ran beside it: Everything is empty, everything is one, everything is past! “And from every hill it resounded: Everything is empty, everything is one, everything is past! “We have harvested, it is true: but why did all our fruits turn rotten and brown? What fell from the wicked moon last night? “All our work has been in vain, our wine has become poison, an evil eye has scorched our fields and our hearts.”
This is what I have endured for several months. But now I am through it. And the first thing that greeted me was love of Self, which is a powerful addition to will power. And the first thing that left me was the Spirit of Gravity, which is a substantial unburdening of will power, but it will be a while before it has completely left me. I am elated. My ascension has begun.

April 20, 2013

To my friends: If you speak to your colleagues about this website, please tell them to type the domain name directly into their browser’s address bar. It is very important that they not use the search engines (like Google and Yahoo!) to find my website. Otherwise, they may get a false “403 Access Forbidden” result. Thank you for helping. — Jim

December 14, 2012

On this day, December 14, 2012, the idea of eternal recurrence finally formed within me, and I accepted it. It is nothing less than a miracle how this fundamental Thalesian insight into the nature of the world enables and kick-starts life within the human spirit. Prior to this, I plumbed and fathomed the deepest, darkest, and most unfathomable abyss within my soul and stood at the precipice ready and willing to be devoured by darkness, and nothing happened! I could not take another step forward. Where was my courage? From where would my spirit acquire wings to traverse this seemingly insuperable blockade? And then the idea of eternal recurrence came to me. This incredibly powerful idea miraculously imparts vision to him who has plumbed his deepest abyss, from within that abyss. It gives wings to the Phoenix. It gives him who is within the abyss a foothold by which to transcend that abyss. Through the eternal recurrence, he sees the value of suffering, intuitively — not abstractly, by which he wills it into the light. In such a way does he breach the vaulted subconscious. In short, via the eternal recurrence idea, dismembered human suffering becomes incorporated into the will-to-power. That is the value, the thaumaturgy, of the eternal recurrence idea.